Calla Tschanz

Hello! I am a postdoc at Ruhr Universität Bochum in the group of Christian Lehn. I am a part of the Franco-German POK0 project. See press release . Before that I was postdoc the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in the research group of Grzegorz Kapustka. I obtained my PhD from the University of Bath under the supervision of Gregory Sankaran in September 2023. My thesis was awarded the Edward Fraenkel Prize 2022-2023 for best thesis in the Mathematical Sciences Departement. Before my PhD, I was an undergraduate in Bath.

My email address is callatschanz (at)

My research interests include moduli spaces, in particular compactification and degeneration problems, Hilbert schemes, hyperkähler geometry, logarithmic geometry and geometric invariant theory.

My CV is available here. I am a reviewer for zbMATH.

I am Swiss-Irish and grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland, before moving to the UK, where I lived for eight years. Like many mathematicians, when I am not working, I enjoy going bouldering.